Future when is a reliable opportunity

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Long sight
Deep Feeling and Long term Vision ingredients for the Engagement: let all catch the overall view!

Organizations work on problems and/or specific thematic. Too many times they consider sufficient to have the purpose of the organization just enunciated for having people engaged to accomplishing the Mission. Many feel Ideas in terms of Ideology instead or have a lack of understanding about the environment where they move, its specificity and therefore the proper meaning of actions. The correct perception has unknown gray zones with unexpected outcomes mostly in critical situations. Mission becomes a list of ToDo’s while awareness is drown out by enthusiasm and/or believing/ideologies or routine.

A Common Intention with a Shared Vision adds meaning to actions; peoples gain in awareness; organizations fed with clear Vision catch their Mission.

Functional Illiteracy

A model on how “Functional Illiteracy” concept works at upper levels of human understanding, covering possible flaws in reality judgements by Experts and beyond.

Long term Abstraction levels and their power in the quality of your actions and results

Layering & facets of Complexity, more clarity on actions and paths: give long term resilience to the results!

True Dialog, Side skills, Deep listening and others strange “beasts”

Skills availability, offering and accepting: co-creation and effective collaborative growth

Our scope

Reliable Futures come from deep awareness of the Present & Past: grow collaborative teams!

Organization and Teams Social Integration

Updating mindsets and relational structures

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