Long term Abstraction levels and their power in the quality of your actions and results

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Themes

Layering & facets of Complexity, more clarity on actions and paths: give long term resilience to the results!

It is not known that Reality and Complexity match. Discover layering of Reality: not only the practical sides of issues, but Social and Relational reality around the involved stakeholders also are challenging areas where to rise expertise so to improve the quality of Future all people are working on.

Reciprocal acknowledgement of surface and mostly of deepest intentions, feelings, purpose, soft rewards – and others – are key factors for a true & shared purpose to work properly into: relationships that are developing around team work change the way that work will impact the reality.

Functional Illiteracy

A model on how “Functional Illiteracy” concept works at upper levels of human understanding, covering possible flaws in reality judgements by Experts and beyond.

Future when is a reliable opportunity

Deep Feeling and Long term Vision ingredients for the Engagement: let all catch the overall view!

True Dialog, Side skills, Deep listening and others strange “beasts”

Skills availability, offering and accepting: co-creation and effective collaborative growth

Our scope

Reliable Futures come from deep awareness of the Present & Past: grow collaborative teams!

Organization and Teams Social Integration

Updating mindsets and relational structures

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