Analysis, Consulting & ORGANIZATIONAL Evolution

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INTEGRATION of Human Capital!

Organizations: from operative mechanisms to collaborative ensembles of skilled humans


this site is intended for the use and interest of peoples involved in organizations who need to find a “next level” in them.
Others can read but at the same time find it boring or theoretical.

Transform relational structures of your Teams Collective Mind

  • Awareness Building
  • Deep Internal Growing,
  • Mindfulness and Presence.
  • Confidence and Openness
  • Organizational understanding via personal evolution
  • Long term outstanding results

We introduce experiences that improve the outer impact of organizations

Our scope

Reliable Futures come from deep awareness of the Present & Past: grow collaborative teams!

Standard procedural work leaves crews moderately and routinely involved: “skilled operators” on their “workplace”; comfort zones are respected and defensive standing in approaching the problems is the rule: just viable or known is scanned but limited to role’s duties only. Paths toward more sophisticate or innovative approaches are not even supposed.  The reason? True Innovation is risky because exposes who proposes it.


The “next step” for effective organizations is “Think beyond!”; high confidence inside the teams is required to build it.
Future when is a reliable opportunity

Deep Feeling and Long term Vision ingredients for Self-Engagement: let all catch the overall view!

Organizations work on problems and/or specific thematic. Too many times they consider sufficient to have the purpose of the organization just enunciated for having people engaged to accomplishing the Mission. Many feel Ideas in terms of Ideology instead or have a lack of understanding about the environment where they move, its specificity and therefore the proper meaning of actions. The correct perception has unknown gray zones with unexpected outcomes mostly in critical situations. Mission is a list of ToDo’s; awareness is drown out by enthusiasm and/or believing/ideologies or routine.

A Common Intention with a Shared Vision adds meaning to actions; peoples gain in awareness; organizations fed with clear Vision catch their Mission.
Long sight
Long term Abstraction levels and their power in the quality of your actions and results

Layering & facets of Complexity, more clarity on actions and paths: give long term resilience to the results!

It is not known that Reality and Complexity match. Discover layering of Reality: not only the practical sides of issues, but Social and Relational reality around the involved stakeholders also are challenging areas where to rise expertise so to improve the quality of Future all people are working on.

Reciprocal acknowledgement of surface and mostly of deepest intentions, feelings, purpose, soft rewards – and others – are key factors for a true & shared purpose to work properly into: relationships that are developing around team work change the way that work will impact the reality.

what you get:

  • Organization evolution
  • From management to Orchestration
  • Learning processes supervision
  • New paradigms to perceive the context 
  • Personal and team Development
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