Filteco’s Winders Soft-ware

by | Mar 11, 2019 | 0 comments

The work is related to a family of installations to produce Synthetic fibers made by Filteco Co. in 90’s an early 2000s

The physical installation had three main sections: 

  • Extrusion of the polymer (PA6, Pes/PET, PP)
  • Quenching/drawing of the yarns
  • Winding the yarn on bobbins

Compared with the previos program, it was a completely new concept in term of formal structure of the software and written to manage in an more effective and reliable way winders (the installation it was written for) and software development itself.
The previous version was written by a colleague who made a huge effort deeply studying the relationship between PID of winding and the real behavior in a continuously varying condition of work.


What does it means “effective” is better explained ahead.