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Analysis Consulting & ORGANIZATIONAL Evolution

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INTEGRATION of Human Capital!

transform perfect mechanism of your organization into a collaborative ensemble of skilled humans

Transform relational structures of your Team’s Collective Mind

  • Awareness Building
  • Deep Internal Growing,
  • Mindfulness and Presence.
  • Social evolution through a deeper level of understanding
  • Long term teams outstanding performances
  • Confidence and OpennessĀ 

transformative experiences that improve the outer impact of your organization

Our scope

Reliable Futures come fromĀ deep awareness of the Present: grow collaborative teams!

Organizations normally confront with issues or simply address them with standard procedural work; this approach to problems or issues leaves many peoples moderately involved – a sort of observer from outside; that is not irrelevant as it actually keeps persons on comfort zone and defensive standing in their approach to the problems. So just viable or “logical” ideas only are scanned, cutting away the paths toward more sofisticate or innovative ones; the reason? True Innovation could expose who proposes it.
The “next step” for effective organizations is Daring, that requires high confidence inside the teams.

Organization and teams social integration

Updating mindsets and relational structures

Results do not come from actions and rules only but mostly from the quality of context, actions and general will.
When a working environment is set many aspects of the outer intention are taken for granted and implicit, mostly when the organizations are built over specific thematic and technological knowledge.
Interactions amongst crews are left free to be built inside the context of duties, relying on people’s will, skills and empathy for the environment to be build. Similar environments have much of unsaid; tensions can grow under the surface feed by the need of a polite relationship amongst participants.
Few organizations are aware of the necessary work on those unsaid to surface them and transform in a productive way.


Better teams and organizations for consistent actions

Team’s confidence and openness to shape the working environment into a tangibly effective atmosphere

When confronting with issues or simply addressing them, the habit of procedural work on problems/issues leaves many peoples moderately and routinely involved; that is not irrelevant as it actually keeps persons in their comfort zone and defensive standing within their approach to their duties. Normally viable or “logical” ideas only are considered, while more sofisticate and/or innovative ones are left aside as they can expose to a risk who proposes them.
The “next step” for effective organizations is Daring: it requires high confidence inside the team and mutual consideration.

True Dialog, Side skills, Deep listening and others strange “beasts”

Skills availability, offering and accepting: co-creation and effective collaborative growth

Collaboration is a concept that in critical contexts has different actual levels of realizations on the field; many are afar from what can be a truly productive and collective commitment.
Collaborative growth is built on quality of communication intended as Watzlawick did it. The progress a team does in this field impacts on the quality and reliability of the results.
Improving the most difficult part of the dialogs – the listening – can extend the horizon of the field of future, the fine tuning of actions on it and the permeability of ideas and confidence amongst the participants.

Abstraction levels and their power in the quality of your actions and results

Care for every single facet of the complexity: more clarity for the actions and paths to take to have sustainable results.

Layering the different level of Reality: not only the practical side of the issues, but the Social and Relational reality of the involved organizations also are one of the most challenging area to rise skill and expertise to improve the quality of the Future people are working on. The increased reciprocal understanding of surfaced and deeper intentions, feelings, purpose, soft rewards and so on, is the key factor for a true shared purpose to work properly onto the relationships that are developing around team work.

Future when is a reliable opportunity

Long term Vision and Deep Feeling

Enforcing ideas that are not aligned with the believing of participants can produce temporary consensus that can apparently boost results in direction of the goal. Uncertainty on a common baso and/or grey areas is the minefield where everyday everybody has to walk when has to cooperate with others in all the works. Working to demine all possible issues is one of the key factors that help to have a consistent common ground which can be built on.

Long sight

Business Acceleration

Personal development

From management to Orchestration


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